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I bring many years of web design experience to your next project. I have an extensive knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, in addition to the newest web technologies like React.io and Node.js. I also have extensive experience in industry standard programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic Design


Promotional Graphics

Web Design

Bellarmine Design Club

For this project, I needed to create an experience for my club that would catch the eyes of users and draw in members. This was done through the use of rich colors, interactive animations and a minimalist design palette. In addition, in order for the website to be accessible from everywhere, it was made with mobile in mind. Everything on the website scales and rearranges depending on your screen size. This means that it will look great on your desktop at home or on your iPhone on the go.

Crimson Development

This project was oriented around getting customers intrigued and interested in the service. The use of responsive design, large, striking typefaces, and a fullscreen image gallery. Not only does the gallery intrigue users, but also encourages them to further explore the site. This website resulted in an increase in customers, and was certified as mobile-friendly.

Danny's Snacks

Completed for a food distributor in Northern California, this website features a one-page layout, responsive design and an intuitive UI. A built in contact form enables potential customers to easily reach out to the provider, resulting in more interactions with customers. This site is responsive, meaning that it will scale up and down depending on the user's screen size, making it perfect with the increasing popularity of mobile web browsing.
Completed for Danny's Snacks LLC; View Site

Lucid Monday

A dark theme and white accents give the grimy and gloomy aesthetic that the brand reflects through its clothing and music alike. Challenged with creating an experience that would flow perfectly on any device was achieved through responsive design and mobile-first design principals.
Completed for Lucid Monday; View Site

RDBuild Group

The playful waves and grey color scheme flow throughout this whole website to provide an approachable UI and intuitive navigation for this design and renovation firm. Splashes of a light green are placed throughout the design to designate the most important aspects of the site.
Completed for RDBuild Group LLC; View Site

Karen McDermott Properties

This project was completed for a relator operating all over Northern California. Being a respected realtor, Karen McDermott required a website that reflected her professionalism and experience. As well as creating her website, I also created her Logo and manage her social media presence. This website features image slideshows, the ability to filter properties by location, and contact information built right into the page.
Completed for Karen McDermott; {Link Coming Soon, files avaliable via request}

JustFaux Paiting

This faux painter's website reflects the elegance and creativity that is shown throughout her work. The
Completed for JustFaux; View Site

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